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Braiding Classes

6 weeks Beginners Class ONLY $1800

Advance Class ONLY $1950

Payment Plan Available


braiding school

Does life treat you with the respect that you deserve? If answer is no, today we want you to put your boxing glove on. We're going to show you how to kick the heck out of life.

Come to Miracle Touch Hair Salon & Braiding school. The only school that will give you an opportunity to earn cash while you're learning.

At MTHS we offer:

Beginning & Advance Braiding

Call now and change your life

240 510 4088

School will start Feb 20th,2017

  1. The history of braiding
  2. Sanitization
  3. The proper technique for management and hair splitting
  4. Introduction to Cornrow
  5. Cornrow for Weaving
  6. Introduction to 2 Strand Twist
  7. Feeding Cornrow
  8. Crochet Braids
  9. Introduction Twisting


Wow great news! Need a new career where you can make money while learning? We have the answer. Miracle Touch Hair Salon & Braiding School is the right and only place that can help you.

Our mission is to facilitate students to start making money while learning provide opportunity for all.

We offer the following courses:

Beginning Braiding

Topics include an overview of natural hair care, sanitation and infection control, shampooing and rinsing, blow drying, sectioning and parting, hand placement, and hands-on practice for natural and chemical hair. Hair Braiding techniques of cornrow, plaiting and braiding, hair and scalp disorders, client consultation and prep, two strand twist, and French braid with hands-on practice.

Advance Braiding

Topics include introduction of extension with burn finishing with a corn row and box braid, Senegalese braid and Crochet braid, hair locking methods, introduction to weaving braid removal and scalp care and hands-on practice.

After finishing the advance braiding class qualify student will be offer to work at MTHS should there be any opening.

Students kit include

Mannequin Head

Mannequin Head Holder

Paddle Brush

All Purpose Cape

Detangler Comb or Rack Comb

Rat tail combs

Duck Bill Clips (minimum of 4)

Butterfly Clips (minimum of 4)

book bag / handbag

Water spray bottle


Weekday classes: Mon. - Fri. 9:00 - 2:00 PM
Weekend classes: Sat. Sun. 9:00 - 6:00 PM

For more information call please call Marie.

Online Registration coming soon

Advance classes coming soon